paper igloo architecture and design

studio and workshop


low cost materials

optimising views

The clients required a separate space from their home, distinct and set apart, in which to produce creative works for pleasure. The 2 buildings, one a painting studio, one a woodworking workshop, are angled differently to focus on distinct views and to take advantage of the orientation and sunlight patterns on the site. Constructed on an extremely low budget the buildings deliberately reflect the local vernacular of the 'shed' with sheet metal roofs and sustainably sourced Scottish Larch timber clad exterior walls in a traditional 'board-on-board' style.

The workshop features photovoltaic panels placed at the optimum 30 degree angle on a due-south facing roofslope, whilst the painting studio features several large rooflights to flood the space below with cool and steady northern light more appropriate for producing works of art. The 2 separate buildings are linked via a shared WC accessible from both spaces.

The whole project is stained black to contrast with the greenery in the surrounding landscape, however the linking section containing the WC is left untreated and will weather grey over time, blending with it's lead clad roof.