paper igloo architecture and design

Completion of external wall insulation... finally!

January 9, 2015

This week we also finished the external wall insulation and Spano Durelis boarding in the double height space... We had to wait during December as the ventilation first fix was underway and we couldn't create a lot of dust by cutting the insulation whilst the ducting system was half open, so we (finally!) managed to get this job finished in January.

The only point of interest here is that we had decided when constructing the frame to place the timber lintels towards the outside of the frame to make the sheeting simpler. However, when the lintel is slightly narrower in depth than the wall, this leaves a small space on the inside. We decided to insulate as much of this thin space as we could, as we don't want to have any air pockets behind our airtightness layer!