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Qualified passivhaus designer!

March 11, 2013

Today I found out that I am now officially a Certified European Passive House Designer! Hurrah! 

This means that I am now certified to carry out the passivhaus design part of the process for our new house. Having done a first pass of the design through the PHPP I know that we need to make some small adjustments to the fenestration design: another meeting with the Gaulhofer installer we are aiming to use, Robbie, this week should help to progress this as our main concern regarding the windows at the moment is cost based.

As for the big hole in the ground at the site that I was describing in our last post.... once we have completed this I will report some more on the height of the water table at the site!

In the mean time here is a photo of us digging said hole, and another of us estimating the height of the largest tree in the wooded area to the south of the site, so that we can enter accurate shading information into the PHPP!