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More ground floor timber frame...

May 2, 2014

Another week on site saw the construction of almost all of the remainder of the single storey external walls (inner leaf), and the majority of the internal walls as well. As almost all of the internal walls are load-bearing and / or racking this means that they need to be constructed now so that they can help to support the first floor joists.

The remainder of the external walls inner leaf

The view towards the sitting room / snug area

The view from the dining area to the kitchen

The view immediately upon entering the house, through to the garden beyond

This means that a 'first-fix' of the airtightness has to be done at this stage as well: where the internal walls connect to the external walls a small gap has to be left to allow the airtightness board to be passed behind here before final fixing later. As this board cannot be exposed to the weather it is not possible to install it at this stage. We also had to insert small pieces of the airtightness membrane underneath the sole plates of these walls to ensure continuity of the airtight connection between the slab and the wall board at a later stage.