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Stone and geotextile membrane going in...

March 10, 2014

After a few days of a break today we saw the geo-textile membrane going down, which acts as a completely breathable separation layer and root barrier below all of the base layers of compacted stone. This layer also allows water to pass through it so it cannot get trapped underneath the building. Next the stone (or Type 1) is laid on top and each layer is thoroughly compacted to ensure a good sold base that can disperse the weight from the house down through the ground.

It is important that this layer extends beyond the limits of the house to distribute the load properly - at this stage it makes the house 'area' look bigger than it really is.

Due to the site being on a slope, at the perimeter we have found quite a lot of water entering the formation area from historical land drains: we will place a land drain around all four sides of the building in amongst the stone in order to carry this water away from the house foundation / slab and down to the burn at the bottom of the site.