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An energetic energy based week!

August 23, 2013

This has been another energy based week - we made a new contact when we met up with Kevin Faulds from Earth Fuel Scotland on Wednesday. We met to discuss getting a quote for the solar thermal and PV installations at our new passivhaus. We had an interesting discussion that led us on to the use of an item called 'Immersun' which is a device that monitors the amount of electricity generated by your PV panels and, when it detects that you are exporting surplus energy, diverts the remainder to heat the water in your cylinder or other immersion heater... It seems like a neat little device, however as we are planning to have a solar thermal system for hot water heating we are currently not sure whether this can be utilised to work in tandem, or whether it is really best suited to a situation when you have no solar thermal panels installed. It's certainly interesting at any rate!

That aside, with the hump of the Building Warrant application behind us, we are now back in a designing state of mind, and are trying to marry some of the more technical aspects we have been concentrating on resolving, such as the acoustic and structural performance of our internal partitions, with their aesthetic quality. More updates on this soon.

We are looking forward to next Tuesday when we are undertaking the bore hole sampling required as a condition on our planning permission, so more news to follow then!