paper igloo architecture and design

WWHR installation finished

November 30, 2016

This week I finished the WWHR installation and began finishing the oak covering to the false wall behind which it is concealed. We used a Recoup unit, which is actually in the PHPP software under it's German manufacturing name.

The input from the cold mains is at the bottom, and must be connected to the unit with a full bore shut-off valve to allow for maintenance in the future, and a non-return valve to prevent any water from returning into the mains. As our mains water pressure is not terribly powerful I could install the WWHR directly from the mains, in contrast to the rest of the cold water feed pipework which had to be taken via a proprietary balancing valve on the HWC first to equalise the pressure between the hot and cold feeds. This is particularly important when there are thermostatic mixing valves as these need equal pressure on the hot and cold sides to operate properly.

The output back to the shower / hot water cylinder is at the top, and again has a full bore shut-off fitted immediately after the connection to the unit.

Testing the oak cover boards in place before completing the access panel fixings....

Finally a great sunset to finish off the day!