paper igloo architecture and design

Ensuite 'crumpled' ceiling

October 16, 2016

This week we began the ‘crumpled’ ensuite ceiling in the master bedroom.

Above the ensuites there are quite a few services, so instead of revealing these as we are doing in the circulation spaces, we have decided to have a lowered ceiling in each of the two ensuites.

The ceiling is a continuation of the roof light ‘cone’ that sits directly above the shower area: one side of this cone is inclined to direct more day light down into the remainder of the ensuite. This plane has been extended to cover all of the services above this room and a ‘crumpled’ effect created by making triangular pieces of ceiling, all at different angles to one another.

Here are some photos walking through the sequence...

The framing had to be angled both at the ends to fit together properly, and in a few locations along it’s length as well to make a good fit between sections.

We then sheeted the ceiling with 12.5mm plasterboard, with each piece cut to suit.

To create a crisp edge along each of the joins we used a paper ‘tape’ with integral metal strips that create a (relatively) sharp edge.

The tape is held in place with a first layer of easy-fill joint filler…

This is then sanded back (to 180 grit) and then any scores or scrapes re-filled.

Finally, the ceiling is decorated before we fit the timber boards to the walls to ensure a nice crisp contrast between the surfaces - but more on that to follow!