paper igloo architecture and design

Top scaffolding tier coming down

October 6, 2016

This week we took down the top tier of scaffolding to the north and west elevations. As we work our way down cladding the north side of the building there were one or two positions where it was too difficult to nail the cladding in position so we finished these as we went.

We got quite a surprise when we exposed the west elevation - it has been about a year between cladding the top of this elevation and the bottom, and you can clearly see how much the scaffolding has protected the lower portions from the weathering process! Eventually the whole elevation will even out and silver like the top portion, but for the moment our house has something of a 'T-shirt tan'!

The cut-out in the cladding for the MVHR combined inlet / outlet...

You can see the black insulated duct in the background - before we fitted the stainless steel cover we sealed between this duct and the stainless steel sleeve with some Orcon F airtight adhesive. 


This combinational device expels the air through the grille on the right and takes it in through a grille on the base.

Finally, before we took down the scaffolding altogether we constructed the removable cladding insert that covers the aluminium cill below.