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Bathroom tiling completed.

April 1, 2016

This week we finished the bathroom tiling above the bath where there will be a shower fitted. The short edge of the bath forms one face of the 'inner box' and as such we wanted this to be essentially black to match the adjacent joinery.

We used 5 colours of ceramic tile (white, black, mustard and 2 greys): each tile comes in 3 shades and 5 textures which allows a wide range of patterns to be created.

Here are some photos of the pattern being created.

The 'black' wall mid-tiling...

... and after a good wipe down ready for grouting where the textures can be seen a little more clearly. We are using Mapei products for the adhesive, grout and coloured silicone as they are great quality and all 3 can be colour matched.

The start of the coloured pattern wall which is along the long edge of the bath...

The pattern gets progressively more dark the further away from the inner box it is to maximise the contrast between the two walls.

The pattern (designed by Martin) that I was working to...

The first moment of grouting matt white tiles with anthracite grey grout is always the most worrying!

And then the huge sigh of relief when the grout cleans off properly and leaves no staining!