paper igloo architecture and design

Plastering begun!

December 9, 2015

This week we had the first phase of plastering undertaken on the ground floor in preparation for the kitchen installation.

The rear wall does not need skimmed as it will be fully covered with kitchen units. It is also sheeted with fermacell (rather than the wallboard used elsewhere on the external walls) to give us the additional strength for hanging the units without having to either find the battens or sheet the wall with plywood first. We simply filled the joints using fermacell filler to seal any gaps.

We are not having any architraves so the door openings and base of the wall are finished with a proprietary shadow gap bead that gives the plasterer an edge to finish from. More on this later!

We also had the entrance hall skimmed, as well as the 'frame' for the hidden cupboard above the electrical cupboard.